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Premium Ingredients For
Optimal Results

The Finest Ingredients For Your Most Sensitive Area

Formula V for me is a smooth cream for tightening the genital area of women. The ingredients have been carefully selected by a pharmacist to achieve an optimal combination for the vulva.

Natural Austrian Mineral Water

Mineral-rich well water from great depths, which is connected to the spring water flow of the Alps, serves as the basis. Water is the filler of the cells to keep the skin fresh and firm.

Revitalizing Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the body's naturally occurring elastic water reservoir in the skin and tissue. Hyaluronic acid can bind large amounts of water, which it stores between the cells of the skin and sub-tissue and thus plumps and tightens the skin.

Firming Alcohol

Alcohol from a still gives the skin freshness and has a cooling effect. Alcohol has another special property: It distributes the fragrances in the cream and on the skin very finely, so that the vulva area smells softly and gently without being intrusive. An experienced cosmeceutin created the fragrance composition from natural essences.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid maintains the skin's acid mantle and adapts the cream to the environment of the vulva. The microflora is preserved and thus contributes to well-being. The combination of hyaluronic acid and lactic acid protects and firms at the same time.


Shazia's fragrance is beautifully transparent with light floral notes. A little like lily of the valley, but sweeter and lighter.


Cedar was already used by the Egyptians for embalming, cosmetic purposes and as a fragrance and incense.


Cosmetic for aromatic care of the skin. The fragrance is considered to strengthen the immune system and is used in women's health for the bladder and urinary tract.


Amyris has a balancing effect, gives creative energy, gives harmony and is also a good meditation oil. Amyris is a long-lasting fragrance.


The essential oil is used in perfumery and cosmetics. Cosmetic for aromatic care of the skin. The fragrance effect is harmonizing, soothing, regenerating and caring for the skin.

Rose Absolute

Has a so-called heart note as a scent note. Mainly used for sensuality and women's health. Cosmetic for aromatic care of the skin.

The Story Behind Formula V For

Something Was Missing From My Daily Skin Routine

It all started with Dr.Herzog, a leading gynecologist with decades of experience. Who noticed that without daily and proactive care some conditions start requiring intrusive treatment and that just didn’t feel right. It always had to be an operation or painful laser treatment without any alternative. So she decided to take action! It began with years of research spearheaded by a leading Austrian pharmacist. A team of women around the world to create a proper scent profile. And only after long and meticulous testing and development process the Formula V came to be. Organic, cruelty-free, environmentally cautious yet effective. Our team at formula V is glad to bring you this revolutionary product that we strive to make accessible and affordable to the busy women of the 21 century.