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Self Care Ideas For The Whole Self

Self Care Ideas For The Whole Self

Self care has always been important, but it seems like many women didn't take the time to really schedule self care until recently. But even still, we are so busy that many times we get just a quick dose of "me time", then it's back to reality. The whole self is so important, yet we oftentimes don't make time for anything but our hair, face, or nails...or maybe even just a quick Starbucks run. Here are some great self care ideas for the whole self.

Self Care Ideas For The Whole Self

Exercise is one of the best ways to obtain self care. Even if you just go for a 15 minute walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature or mellow out to your favorite music, try to get at least 15-30 minutes of light exercise in every day. Getting your body moving is so important for your mental health <em>and</em> your physical health!

Taking care of our bodies on the outside can be just as efficient when it comes to self care. Getting a massage, facial, or mani/pedi can be super relaxing! Even doing hair or face masks at home are nice, especially if you can relax in a hot bath or quiet bedroom with some nice music playing. It's great to schedule one (or all!) of these at least once a week. 

Self Care Ideas For The Whole Self | Formula V For Me

Something you can do every time you shower is use Formula V For Me Daily Care and Lifting Cream! Formula V For Me is the world's first daily care cream for the outer female genital area. When used once or twice daily, this cream gives the vulva attention that the area is typically lacking. It firms and lifts the skin, making it look more supple and feeling fresh. The scent profile was very carefully selected by a perfumer to ensure a wonderful smell that will invigorate the senses without overpowering the area. Give yourself a little aromatherapy session in the shower, while increasing your intimate confidence!

One last idea for self care for your whole self is to eat a well-balanced diet. What we eat and drink will greatly affect the inside and outside of our bodies. If you drink enough water and eat a cleaner diet, your hair and skin will look better, you'll feel better physically, and your hormones will be more-regulated, leading to a better mental attitude. It's definitely not a "cure all" for all the world's stressors, but it definitely helps your mind and body work together better!

Do you have any go-to self care routines or tips? We would love to hear them below!


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