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*DEVELOPED BY A WOMAN GYNECOLOGIST:  Formula V for Me was developed in Austria by a highly respected female Gynecologist who was determined to create an all-in-one feminine hygiene vulva care product for woman of all ages and stages of life.  Her mission was to create a light-weight gel that was 100% natural, easy to apply without a mess, and the right viscosity for quick absorption and long-lasting protection.  


*SOOTHE, CALM & COMFORT:   Formula V for ME is a unique blend of Austrian natural spring water for hydration, the essence of Bergamot, Amyris, Palmarose, Shazia and Cedar wood for a fresh fragrance, with just the right amount of (naturally occurring) hyaluronic and lactic acid for a calming experience that comforts you throughout the day or night. 

*HYDRATE, PLUMP & PH BALANCE:  A moist vulva area is often confused with hydration, which is essential for the human body to function properly.  Our unique blend of hyaluronic and lactic acid provides dual results; the appearance of plumper skin from boosted collagen production, increased hydration and PH balance to maintain elasticity and to slow sagging due to age. 

*NO MESS & EASY TO APPLY:  How to use:  Use on a dry clean vulvar area. Pump a couple of drops onto your finger-tips and massage into your vulva area, left and right side. You will feel a slight warming as the gel penetrates into the skin leaving you feeling fresh, calm and ready for the day.  Wash and dry hands.  Unlike other V products that contain mineral oil, avocado oil, and sticky honey, Formula V leaves behind no oily mess or residue to worry about.

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