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<transcy>100% Biologique</transcy>

maintenir un équilibre parfait et naturel dans l'environnement vaginal.

No oil - residue free

Unlike other products, Formula V for Me contains no oil, honey, parabens, or artificial colors or dyes. Be worry free from embarrassing stains on your new panties.

Direct from the source

The only product that is made with earth's purest water from the Austrian Alps at its source.

Safe & Effective

How we feel about ourselves varies during the different stages of life. Labiaplasty has made it possible for all woman to feel confident naked. Formula V for Me, helps keep your new V firm and and fresh.

V Better at Any Age

A moist vulva area is often confused with hydration.  Our unique blend of hyaluronic and lactic acid provides dual results; the appearance of plumper skin from boosted collagen production, increased hydration and PH balance to maintain elasticity and to slow sagging due to age.